Fantastic experience. Lilianna takes time to discuss your requirements and is very knowledgeable and preceptive as to what you require. Highley recommended, will be returning soon.
July 15, 2020
Best Salon I have ever been to without doubt. Great customer service, lovely, cosy atmosphere welcoming and friendly therapist. Lilianna is very professional and also have a lovely night Gift shop with amazing luxury products. Everything you could need in one place. Love it! Lilianna made my day relaxing and personal. I love her holistic approach and I appreciate that she prefer natural products. I would absolutely recommend to anyone. Thank you so much Lilianna.
February 27, 2020
I have no words to describe how amazing the experience was with Lilianna. She is a remarkable professional, extremely knowledgable, friendly, welcoming, caring, calm, attentive. I was referred to her by my best friend, who has been raving about Lilianna for months now. I had heard so many good things and still, she managed to exceed my expectations. I went there yesterday for my first treatment (a facial peel). She came downstairs to help me locate the venue, made me feel comfortable and offered tea (loved it). We spend some time to discuss my history, why I choose this treatment and how is my skin currently (products I use, patterns I have noticed, etc.) After she had a very clear picture of my skin needs, she explained to me all the available options and made sure to start slow as a new client. She was very attentive (loved the twist of a heating pad on the bed and the cozy blanket) and gave great attention to make me feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. She was checking in with me throughout the process of how I feel and was explaining every step and product. I majorly appreciated her explaining multiple times what could go wrong, what to expect in worst case and what to do. Also, she emphasized to have regular check-in with her after my treatment and we discussed our next steps. My treatment was totally tailored and she was even updating our steps while we were going through them and she was understanding what my skin can handle. She is absolutely amazing and the treatment itself has great results. Despite having a complicated skin type, I didn't experience any side-effects (pain, burning, redness anything) from the treatment and I am looking forward to going back.
Agnieszka Kedziora
February 23, 2020
I haven't met a more positive person in my life. After massage or face treatments not only my body feels better but also my soul. Lilianna has something magical in the way she works and it is the main reason I am coming back regularly although before I met her I thought that massage is only some luxury thing. Now I changed my mind completely and massage is releasing my stress and it is more like a therapy for my body to keep it strong and resistant for every day.
January 19, 2020
I’ve been going for relaxing massages mostly and would highly recommend this place. Very professional service, clean space and relaxing atmosphere. Liliana is an amazing therapist, devoted, knowledgeable and extremely attentive. Last time I went with very bad back/shoulder pain due to an injury spasm. Within 2 sessions she managed to help me with the injury and I am beyond grateful.

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